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What Mid-Atlantic Utility does

Mid-Atlantic Utility Locating, provides an essential service in any construction or utility management project. Essentially, we dig a lot of holes, and what comes out of the ground is savings. We save time; and we save our clients money by helping them avoid cost over-runs and project delays. We uncover information by researching utility records and providing detailed and accurate mapping of underground utilities. Lastly, we provide a sense of security in the knowledge that your project is not delayed by the unknown.

Mid-Atlantic marks underground utilities in preparation for a variety of projects including installation of new lines, cables, traffic lights, new construction, design-builds, and updating records.

The equipment we use ranges from a simple shovel to vacuum excavation trucks. Mid-Atlantic continues to bring technology and innovation to the process of mapping and designating underground utilities, which enables us to accurately mark them and prepare highly accurate reports on location, depth and size of everything from fiber optic cables to petroleum transmission pipes.

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