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We are a leading provider of Subsurface Utility Engineering services. Utilizing state of the art equipment and technology we provide accurate detecting, locating and mapping of all underground utilities.

Mid-Atlantic's experienced field crews perform very accurate surface utility designating and marking, utility locating using our fleet of vacuum excavation trucks, Ground Penetrating Radar investigations, and utility survey mapping.

Our clients range from civil engineering firms to contractors, developers, utility owners, and various Federal and State agencies and transportation departments, as well as homeowners.

Utility Designating

Designating involves the use of EM (electromagnetic) locating devices which operate in conjunction with a sounding box. The box is attached to any surface outcropping of a utility, such as switch boxes, to send out a signal which is picked up by the EM locator. The path of the utility is then marked with a water-soluble spray paint, color coded to the type of utility.

Utility Locating - Vacuum Excavation

Mid-Atlantic operates a fleet of vacuum excavation trucks to dig test pits on underground utilities. This process involves opening a 8"-12" square hole, then uses a high-pressure air lance to loosen the dirt while it is removed by a vacuum tube. This is an extremely gentle process, which prevents any damage of underground assets, and allows for the collection of critical data such as depth, elevation, proximity to other utilties, and condition of utilities.

Utility Survey Mapping

In addition to designating and locating, we also provide utility survey mapping services. Integrating our surveys with yours prevents utility conflicts before they can result in project delays, cost overruns, and even damages to the subsurface infrastructure. Our survey include a field run survey to obtain the horizontal location of subsurface utilities and test holes. The results of the utility mapping are provided at an appropriate map scale in hardcopy and digital format to meet client needs

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR is best used when trying to locate underground storage tanks, grave sites, or any other object which leaves a distinguishable disturbance in the subsurface strata.

"Rinker Design Associates, P.C. has had the pleasure of working with Mid-Atlantic on many projects throughout the Northern Virginia area. We have used their services for utility locating and test holes. Our experience with Mid-Atlantic has proven that they are very responsive and are always more than willing to answer any questions or go out of their way to make sure you receive the best possible product. "

-Sharon D. Dusza, P.E.
Project Manager/Principal
Rinker Design Associates, P.C.

Mid-Atlantic’s professionals have wide-ranging experience in compliance with all state and federal departments of transportation regulations related to required permitting and traffic management while performing locating and designating, dimension regulations of test pits, and reparation of roadway once the project has been completed. Guiding this compliance is their vast knowledge of the underground utility damage prevention acts of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.



  • Utility Locating
  • Vacuum Excavation of Test Holes
  • Utility Survey Mapping
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Plastic and Concrete Water Line Locating
  • Electronic Utility Markers
  • Utility As-Builts
  • Utility Research
  • Underground Tank Detection
  • Septic System Locating
  • Valve Box Clean-Out
  • Storm Box Clean-Out
  • Information Databases/GIS

We are frequently asked "so, you're like Miss Utility...?" The basic answer is no. While Miss U has a dedicated mission of preventing damage to underground utilities, our mission is to provide the kind of accuracy demanded by those who design and build, and who need to know where that gas main is before a backhoe hits it.

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