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You've seen this before, haven't you...?

Your project went through a lot of planning and preparation before anyone broke ground. The same detail should apply to subsurface utilities.

But...you called Miss Utility...

Of course you did, because it's the law. We have to call them too. But accurate marking isn't Miss Utility's objective. Preventing damage is. Mid-Atlantic prevents damage by providing accurate and detailed subsurface utility information. Miss Utility may be free, but you get what you pay for. And you'll pay a lot more if you damage subsurface utilities.

What you don't know can hurt you...

These days, damaging underground utilities can be dangerous and costly. From the cost of repairs to suspension of your licenses and permits, and even possible legal action, not to mention the costs associated with project delays. We understand that risk is not worth taking. Let us help.

Working with Mid-Atlantic can help you meet your goals and stay on track. Our highly skilled field crews are expert locators, with multiple certifications ranging from OSHA training, to Confined Spaces Entry.



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